Great Marketing starts with Empathy –


By Sophia Liu


In recent years, empathy has become a buzzword in the industry, along with ‘human-centric’ and ‘authentic’. Yet it is still an approach that is met with a lot of resistance in many business environments, often dismissed as being too ‘hippy’ or ‘sappy’.”

“Business marketing without a good understanding of empathy is a precarious landscape to navigate…” as any mistake can end up hurting the business. “Empathy is more valuable to a communicator than sympathy.”

“First and foremost, empathy requires a continuous effort of self-transformation.”

Empathy plays a critical role in building relationships between individuals, as well as between individuals and brands. It allows the consumer to build trust. “Adopting a practice of driving empathy from inside an organization outward to engage with its target audience can have a compound effect in creating positive brand associations.”

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

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