5 Ways to Puncture Stagnation and Innovate Innovation – Bizjournals.com

Source: Bizjournals.com

By Tom Zender


Being innovative can be a great competitive advantage. Innovate Constantly.

“Extreme innovation produces products that change the world. And build entire new corporations and industries.”

5 ways to help your organization become more innovative

  1. Get information and understand your market, know your customers.
  2. Motivate the organization, get employees involved by adding innovation to everyone’s objectives, organize around innovation sessions.
  3. Look externally for innovative ideas, collaborate with other organizations or institutions.
  4. Think about boundaries, retro a former product, combine separate products.
  5. Build an innovation culture, implement processes for innovation, drive creativity.

Innovation is an art and a science. Make it a cultural value in your organization.


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