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By Pam Moore @pammktgnut


How many times have you been in an office meeting in which someone has a brainwave and everybody jumps on this bandwagon. A lot of times, this brainwave is about an out of the blue marketing initiative. Pam Moore refers to this as a Random Act of Marketing or RAM.

“Random Acts of Marketing (RAMs) defined:

Random Act of Marketing – An attempt to grow market share, increase brand awareness, drive revenue or other business benefit that is NOT integrated, cannot be easily measured or justified and does not integrate with other marketing and biz tactics.

RAMMIES – Multiple RAMS, which often lead to wasted investment, little to no benefit in the form of brand awareness or revenue, and often lead to lay off, market share loss, gray hairs, stress, sleepless nights, mass consumption of chocolate or other high fat foods.”

How to Address a RAMMY

  • Acknowledge that you have a problem.
  • Get the RAM funded.
  • Take control of that RAMMY.
  • Develop a plan.
  • Promote on platforms you own.
  • Know your audience.
  • Get integrated.
  • Get stakeholder buy-ins.
  • Create a Content Calendar.
  • Committing to being RAMMY Free.


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