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Source: Brandingstrategyinsider.com

by Mark Di Somma


Is there a point where companies reach critical mass?

1) What Goal Are You Chasing?

Companies that successfully apply a distinctive capability strategy, are three times as likely to report above-average growth and twice as likely to report above-average profitability. Just as differentiation is necessary for your brand, it’s also critical for your goal-setting.

2) What Are You Growing?

Growth based on physical returns is a more substantial indicator of whether you have bankable distinctive capability.

3) At What Size Are You Most Profitable?

“CEOs and managers have a duty to put the brakes on growth when it is unsustainable or incapable of creating value. That can be tough since CEOs normally want to build empires rather than maintain them.”

4) What Market Are You Looking To Grow?

Chasing growth in the wrong place is the fastest way to dig your brand into a bigger and bigger hole.

5) What Expectations Have You Set For Yourselves?

“The larger a company becomes, the more the entire engine has to work harder”


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